We are empowering people and assets everywhere, like no one else can

With the world’s only global 5G mobile network, Omnispace gives you the power to reach further and accomplish more. For the first time in history, you can access low-cost, high-capacity interoperable communications to meet any need, literally anywhere you need to be.


A unified global network, delivering mobile internet everywhere

Users increasingly expect their device to work anywhere, without limitations. Omnispace delivers the reach consumers want and eliminates the hassles they don’t — delivering a seamless mobile experience beyond the boundaries of their mobile network.

Go anywhere mobility

Our global hybrid network supports voice and data anywhere on the planet.


Use of mobile industry standards support connectivity directly from space to any device.

Seamless experience

Global roaming enables single SIM operations no matter where users go.

Mobile Payment
Emergency Communications
Remote Healthcare
Mobile Internet


Removing boundaries for business

Why put limits on what you can achieve — or where you can achieve it? The Omnispace network delivers global reach and reliable high-capacity performance to help power growth and innovation across industries and around the world.

Global reach

Seamless satellite/wireless integration supports voice and data to empower people and assets everywhere.

Simplified access

Adoption of mobile industry standards make it easy to connect to our global hybrid mobile network.

Enhanced efficiency

Always on data and communications empowers operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Energy Exploration and Operation
Supply Chain
Aquaculture & Fishing
Natural Resources


Ensuring reliable connectivity anywhere

Imagine ubiquitous handheld mobile communications for your personnel. Our resilient hybrid network delivers global coverage and the capacity to support command and control to personnel in the field. With rapid deployment, uninterrupted data, and truly mobile, direct-to-device capabilities, you can rely on our global 5G network in any concept of operations, no matter when or where your teams are needed.

Unmatched reliability

Operates without interruption in any terrain or weather to ensure you always have the critical connections you need.

Rapid global deployment

Leverages existing assets and off the shelf devices to avoid the delays and costs required to build infrastructure before roll-out.

Seamless compatibility

Works with existing standards-based equipment and devices to simplify connections, alleviate capital costs, and is adaptable to legacy terminals.

Mission Critical Command and Control
First Responders
Border Security/Military IoT
Global Logistics
Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief


Powering IoT on a global scale

Imagine IoT without limitations. Our global network combines the reach of satellite with trusted mobile networks to deliver a reliable, scalable and affordable solution for any IoT application, anywhere.

Global reach

Seamless satellite/mobile integration ensures continuous connectivity for every asset around the globe.

Total reliability

Get the resiliency, capacity and reliability you need to get accurate, timely information without interruption.

Remarkable simplicity

Delivers data direct from device to cloud, in real-time, everywhere you need it.

Unmanned Aircraft
Connected Car
Asset Tracking & Monitoring
Smart Infrastructure
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