The future of communications is hybrid

We are reimagining the future of mobile communications to empower consumers, enterprises, governments, and IoT users worldwide. Leveraging the power of 5G, our visionary company is uniting the simplicity of mobile roaming with the scale of a global satellite network to deliver the world’s first global hybrid network.

We are challenging the status quo and reinventing communications on a global scale to deliver greater reach, improved reliability, and enhanced quality of service for users and devices worldwide. Omnispace is the first to harness the transformative power of 5G to integrate terrestrial and satellite networks into a single connectivity solution – fueling innovation, powering industries, and connecting billions of users around the globe. Only Omnispace has the power to deliver a global hybrid network to redefine mobile communications for the 21st century.

Innovation for seamless global voice and data

We are pushing the limits of what’s possible with technology that enables ubiquitous mobile voice and data communications — in real time, around the globe.

5G everywhere

Reliable connectivity that is available everywhere on the planet.


Connecting directly and operating smoothly with billions of mobile devices.

3GPP standards

Using mobile industry standards to ensure connections are simple and seamless.

NGSO satellites

Our satellite network delivers enhanced reliability, resiliency and global reach.

Enabling opportunities for everyone, everywhere

When you remove all barriers, everything is possible. Omnispace’s global hybrid network will empower public and private mobile users, industries and opportunities worldwide.


A seamless mobile experience, anywhere, on any device worldwide.


Reliable real-time voice and data that lets you take your business everywhere.


Resilient real-time mobile communications that enable effective command and control in the field.


Continuous connectivity for fixed and mobile assets around the globe.

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