Reinventing satellite communications to enable a world of converged connectivity

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Leveraging an efficient global platform to connect you to the world

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Powering critical solutions for people, enterprises, and countries worldwide

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Pioneering: The Future of Satellite Communications

Converged communications is a reality now.  Global reach of satellites and scalability of mobile networks combine to create a whole new approach to building networks. Leveraging a cutting-edge global ecosystem in partnership with state-of-the-art technology companies, we offer a groundbreaking communications solution.

Accessible: Connecting Your Local Communities to the World

Harnessing a novel satellite platform, together with access to globally harmonized radio spectrum, we are able to deliver cost-effective connectivity to people and machines across the world. We’ve partnered with Intelsat, the world’s largest satellite operator, and are poised to quickly expand beyond our currently platform to provide cost-effective 24×7 coverage.

Impactful: Driving Growth and Development for Countries Globally

Broadband connectivity is key to driving economic growth and inclusive development. By partnering with governments, we deliver critical communications solutions that change the way communities and enterprises engage in global commerce. From rural connectivity to machine-to-machine communication, we leverage our global platform to enable cutting-edge applications.