Omnispace is combining the global footprint of an NGSO satellite constellation with the mobile wireless networks of the world’s leading telecom companies into a seamless “one global network” — without borders, without boundaries and without compare.

Delivering globally scalable, highly reliable connectivity solutions, Omnispace enables innovators to bring to life a whole new world of possibilities.

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Creating new frontiers in global communications

Enabling IoT on a massive new scale

Omnispace will deliver reliable, scalable, affordable solutions for all mobile IoT connectivity needs.

Elevating mobile satellite to a whole other level

Omnispace will bring the mobile experience to satellite users on a global scale.

Powering next-gen mobile broadband

Omnispace will help accelerate and expand the reach of 5G mobile broadband around the world.

Leveraging innovation to reimagine global connectivity

Omnispace is enabling game-changing mobile connectivity solutions through an unprecedented platform that delivers the first global, 5G “one network” optimized for the needs of the 21st century.

Eliminating barriers and enabling opportunities


Omnispace enables production optimization through reliable global connectivity.


Omnispace is the ideal solution for connecting and managing infrastructure assets.

Natural resources

Omnispace delivers reliable connectivity to optimize resource production on a global scale.


Omnispace provides government users with essential communications, in any location.


Omnispace is the dependable connectivity solution to manage assets in transit worldwide.


Omnispace supports mission critical applications beyond borders and beyond compare.

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