Smart Orbit

The Omnispace platform is based on a novel constellation of satellites in non-geosynchronous orbit (NGSO) in the 2 GHz band that provides scalable performance. Our NGSO constellation design provides cost-effective coverage while using fewer satellites.

Alternative MSS satellite platforms are often based on expensive space segment and are locked into supporting legacy systems with limitations. Instead, Omnispace’s platform does not face the risk of interference and flies closer to the Earth, thereby reducing latency and improving communications capabilities.

Operational Network

Omnispace’s NGSO network is currently operational and is being scaled up. Our initial satellite, built based on a leading industry design, is on-orbit and can provide immediate services in markets internationally.

In conjunction with our strategic partner Intelsat, the world’s leading satellite operator, we manage a world-class network. Intelsat manages our on-orbit satellite and we operate an international satellite gateway network spanning three continents.

Global System

In partnership with the world’s leading satellite operator, Intelsat, we are expanding the existing space and ground infrastructure to provide continuous coverage globally. Additional satellites are being developed to be launched and operated as part of Omnispace’s NGSO constellation.

Omnispace’s state-of-the-art global NGSO constellation in the 2 GHz band will provide flexible and scalable coverage to support a wide range of MSS and wireless solutions including data, voice, and internet-of-things (IoT).