Leveraging the 2 GHz frequency band, which has been designated for both satellite and mobile use by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Omnispace marries the global reach of satellites with state-of-the-art wireless technology to provide an efficient, scalable, and accessible communications solution globally.

Omnispace is able to deliver a spectrally efficient communications platform by integrating the latest advances in satellite design with the increased capacity and capability of next generation wireless networks. Our hybrid satellite wireless platform is capable of handling the network load of billions of users and devices while providing low-cost, global communications capability.


Omnispace has designed its hybrid satellite wireless platform to harnesses the power of the 3GPP standardized spectrum and ecosystem. Operating in the globally harmonized 2 GHz spectrum allocated by the ITU and administrations the world over, our platform enables a portfolio of satellite solutions, next generation wireless services, and low-cost user devices that can power your connectivity needs.

The ecosystem that Omnispace is able to leverage has the benefit of innovation, global scale, and low cost that drives the wireless industry. The vision of ubiquitous access is becoming a reality through our cutting-edge communications platform.


Omnispace’s hybrid satellite wireless platform enables new frontiers in communications through collaboration with mobile network operators, industry partners, and governments in each of the countries we reach.

Mobile Network Operators

We partner with mobile network operators (MNOs) to make the latest advances in wireless accessible to all. Omnispace partners with local operators to power the next wave of growth. We collaborate with MNOs to broaden reach, increase network capacity, and expand their portfolio of services to serve a wider array of consumer and industrial needs.

Industry Partners

We partner with leading industrial players to power their mission critical applications, globally. Omnispace’s innovative platform gives businesses smaller, faster, and more reliable solutions to connect people and assets everywhere. Our system can help power and deliver cost-effective connectivity for the maritime, oil and gas, and shipping and logistics sectors.


We partner with governments to make a world a better place. Imagine a secure and redundant communications capability that is ideally suited to disaster response, national security, or e-government applications, allowing civil services to be extended to every citizen in your country. Omnispace’s hybrid platform can form a resilient communications layer to serve governments.

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