We are doing something
 that has never been done before

Omnispace is seamlessly uniting mobile and satellite to create the world’s only truly global 5G mobile network. Using 3GPP standards-based technology, the boundary between where your mobile coverage ends and the Omnispace network kicks in completely disappears.

How global hybrid mobile connectivity works


Omnispace’s innovative hybrid network ensures the mobile experience is never disrupted.

Within the mobile network’s terrestrial coverage area, your device will connect to the mobile operator’s network. When beyond this coverage or roaming, your device will seamlessly connect through our satellite network.


Mobile devices can connect directly to our network and take advantage of global mobile communications.

We have adopted 3GPP mobile industry standards to avoid the challenges of proprietary solutions. While connected, devices operate on a globally harmonized mid-band spectrum that is mobile-ready.

Global reach

Our revolutionary hybrid network delivers continuous connectivity no matter where you are on the planet.


Omnispace provides always-on connectivity and reliable command and control.


We use mobile standards to ensure seamless integration and transition from mobile to satellite and back.

Rapid deployment

Our globally harmonized mobile-ready spectrum enables rapid plug-and-play deployment.

Low Latency

Our satellite constellation’s non-geosynchronous orbit (NGSO) delivers fibre-like responsiveness.


Our network has broadband performance to support billions of users, devices and assets worldwide.

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