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Dennis Matheson Chief Technology Officer

Dennis Matheson leads the engineering and satellite operations teams at Omnispace. He is redefining communications by leading the technical requirements and service delivery of the company’s ‘one global network.’

Previously, as the Chief Technology Officer for TerreStar, Dennis led the team of engineers who successfully transmitted the first communication from a user device similar to a mobile phone to a geosynchronous satellite. Prior to that, as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Motient, Dennis led the technical direction for service, including ground station development and satellite operations for the L-band spectrum. Previously, he was the Senior Manager of Systems Architecture for Bell Northern Research, a subsidiary of Northern Telecom and a leading provider of telecommunications equipment for both wireless and wireline applications. He has also held various engineering positions with Texas Instruments.

He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee and bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Clemson University.

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