Omnispace is creating custom applications on its state-of-the-art hybrid satellite wireless platform to serve global customers in industries where connectivity in mobile environments plays a central role: maritime, oil and gas, shipping and logistics, media and telecommunications.

Omnispace is positioned to provide cutting edge, scalable communications solutions to small, mobile user terminals that address mission-critical needs of each sector.

Small Business

Empower entrepreneurs, small businesses and farmers in rural and agricultural communities by providing connectivity and access to real time data to enable them to compete effectively in a global market.

Omnispace is ideally positioned to serve small businesses in remote and rural parts of your country by virtue of our ubiquitous and cost-effective coverage.


Deliver e-learning capabilities that will drive improvements in primary education access and attainment.

Omnispace can power connectivity to remote educational and vocational schools to enable remote learning, unlocking access to online content.

Public Health

Disseminate vital public health information and warnings on a timely basis to remote and rural communities, preventing pandemics and promoting health and wellness.

Our global communications capability ensures public health officials stay in continuous contact as they work in affected or hard-to-reach areas.

Public Safety

Often when natural or manmade disasters strike, governments and civilian agencies are inadequately prepared to respond due to poor or disabled communications infrastructures.

Omnispace’s resilient system provides early disaster warnings to remote populations and link governments to first responders so they can react quickly and effectively.