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Campbell Marshall Vice President, Government and International Markets

Campbell Marshall leads U.S. and international government initiatives at Omnispace. In this role, he partners directly with U.S. and Allied governments and militaries to ensure that their mobile people and platforms will benefit from the resiliency and flexibility of Omnispace’s cutting edge 5G communications system. Separately, Campbell leads efforts to develop new international markets by creating stakeholder interest and support around the world.

Previously, he was part of the investment team at the Xerion Fund, a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund within Perella Weinberg Partners. Prior to that, Campbell spent over a decade as a national security professional with the U.S. government focusing on a range of pressing international security issues. He also served as a key aide to U.S. Trade Representative and later Deputy Secretary of State, Robert B. Zoellick in the George W. Bush administration, and held strategy and policy roles for both the George W. Bush and Jon Huntsman Jr. Presidential campaigns. He also served on the 2000 White House Transition team.

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